Teenage and Young adult Hip Dysplasia and Impingement.

The HappyHips Guide to teen and young adult Hip Dysplasia

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Who are HappyHips?

HappyHips is an on-line community which is run by a team of 7 young adults, among which there are 5 members who have Hip Dysplasia themselves and therefore are able to support others with their first hand knowledge and experience.The other 2 members of the team have supported people who have been affected by Hip Dysplasia and they are keen to learn more. These 2 predominantly make up the admin side of the HappyHips team. The HappyHips team were supporting over 100 teenagers and young people who suffer from hip problems

HappyHips' Vision

HappyHip's vision is to ensure that no teenager or young adult who has a hip condition ever feels alone after contacting the HappyHips Team. "There is always someone out there, waiting for you! HappyHips for Hips!"

How to contact us?

Email- happyhips@virginmedia.com

Follow us on Twitter- @happy_hips

Facebook group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/325587534136230

Facebook Page-

YouTube- http://www.youtube.com/user/HappyHips10


Anything published on this website either by its members or the HappyHips team is their own opinion. None of the viewpoints raised on this website are those of medical professionals, therefore actual medical advice and solutions cannot be given by any of the team. It is always necessary to seek the advice of a medical professional at all times if you are suffering from pain or trying to make a decision on treatment

What do HappyHips do? 

The HappyHips team have  joined up to support any teen or young adult who suffers from hip problems. They also support anyone who calls out to them. They provide adecuate non medical support in the form of first hand experiences. Similarly, they also give information about dealing with Higher Education, additional funding and talking to others about hip conditions. They also raise awareness by running events  regionally, as well as educating youngsters in schools via the means of presentations during assemblies or PSHE lessons.


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