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hiii everyone,
hope u all had an awesome winter break! my surgery date for my lpao is comin up. even though its a little far away im feeling scared and im getting anxiety over it. im also getting these nasty nightmares. i incredibly freaked out and i dont know what to do. and i cant talk to my parents about it because there not feeling what im feeling and all they say is dont worry and it really bugs me. im just freaking out cause im going to have finals next week. all i can think about is my hip. so i dont know what to do... any advice?
love nada!

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Hi Nada, what it is about the surgery you are most anxious about? I went through the same feelings of anxiety before my first surgery and I can totally empathise with you. If I can help you in anyway I will :)  Rach x

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It's always scary before surgery...but keep in mind it's all being done to give you a better quality of life in the long run. Keep positive and remember we are here if you need a pick me up :) x

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