Teenage and Young adult Hip Dysplasia and Impingement.


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My name is Laura, I am a dance teacher and nursery nurse. I have danced since I was 3yrs old and have always been extremely active and hype mobile.


In April 2011 I ran London marathon raising money for kidney research as my parents had just undergone a successful kidney transplant. I trained for in preparation for the marathon for around 4/5 months..and then 2 weeks to the marathon I strained left hip whilst dancing so I rested and ran the marathon completing it in sever pain around my hips in a time of 5hrs 15mins.

After the marathon was extremely sore around hips and thighs, had Large blisters on inside of feet which had not occurred during training.


From then on my I suffered increased pain in my right hip. I had pain in my groin wrapping round back of hip and down the side. Also pain referred down thigh into knee and sometimes down into ankle at times. This impacted on my ability to work..both as a dance teacher and a nursery nurse. It was a very frustrating time.


I had intense physiotherapy, acupuncture, manipulation etc.. But after no improvement I was recommended to Professor Fahily @ Royal Bolton hospital.


March 2012 I had First consultation at Bolton hospital.


Throughout 2012 I had - CT scan, MR arthrogram, intra- articular steroid injection. Ultrasound on front of hip...the wait I between appointments was unbelievable..


I Was told I have slight hip dysplasia as well as snapping hip syndrome.


Im March 2013 I underwent an itb release with a hip arthroscopy. After operation I attended physio...which didn't help a lot....travelling for over an hour for 20mins of physio. I was given exercises to help strengthen and increase mobility .


Also 2 weeks after op I fell on the hip..whoops..after I did this my hip swelled considerably, at physio they just put ice on it and then sent me home where I struggled to stand on it for a few days.


I Took it very easy after op until September 2013 when I went back to work full swing. This was dancing 20 hours a week and working in a pre school 25hrs per week..Prior to work the hip had eased a lot, still a little pain but so much better. I regained a lot of the the mobility I had prior to the operation but then after a few weeks back at work the pain started creeping back in until became unmanageable....This included increasing pain in the hip and pain travelling up my back into my neck. I have been signed off work for going on 4 months now and taking a lot of medication to control the pain this includes..naproxen, dtrans fentanyl patch 25mcg/hr, oral morphine, paracetamol and anti sickness medication.


In October I was back at the hospital and back at square one..I have had another ct scan and mr arthrogram and a referral down to see Marcus Banks at Guys hospital..a 7hr journey for us by car.


I am due to go down next Friday 24th January..with fingers crossed some answers.


I have been very ill with all the medication which still does not cover the pain at times..and coping with it has been a great struggle at times. I am very lucky to have a great support system in my fiancé, parents and friends. From being an extremely active person I am now stuck in the house. If a person walked into A&E with a broken bone it would be fixed...yet 2 years down the line here i am.


And to top it off I am getting married in less than 5 months :(


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Hi Laura, I am also under the care of Mr Fehily, I have been with him for the last 2 years and after 3 years of physio, 5 lots of acupuncture, a hip arthroscopy & 2 steroid injections I am finally on the right road. 

I just hope you will be too, fingers & toes crossed for you :)  

Rach x

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Thank you Rachael :) I am off down to see Marcus Banks at Guys on the 24th as I don't think Mr Fahily knows what to do with me! I've tried acupuncture but with no success. I'm glad to hear you are doing well...fingers crossed I can get sored soon xx

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