Teenage and Young adult Hip Dysplasia and Impingement.


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Hi all,

I'm not intending to be a downer or anything, but I feel so trapped with my hips ATM.  I was born with CDH, which wasn't picked up at birth, when I was 18 moths old.  I've had 8 ops in total including a POA and I also have in impingement, which was operated on last year... I'm having a hip manipulation surgery in 2 weeks as I'm still getting pain.

Displaced hip is bad, 'good hip' is now bad due to weight compensation (this is the one with the impingement).  

I feel like I'm 80 years old, I've always had to lie to employers so I can get a job, I've always been left behind by most friends, I can't socialise like I want to and people always seem to think I'm exaggerating pain.

I honestly feel like killing myself some days,  living in this grey area of disability is killing me as it is.  I'm terrified of more surgery which may go wrong (POA was the worst experience of my life so far).

I'm worried about having kids, I'm worried a partner would leave me if I became worse.

I'm a mess.

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Hey Johanna! My name is rachel! I just found out I need surgery for my hip displasia. I understand you are scared about another surgery but think about how the surgery is supposed to help you! I found it helpful to find an activity (that won't cause your hip to hurt. I found mine was painting) to get your mind off thinking about all the worries your having! Like my best friend always says "confidence is key!" Which is hard when you are having all these thoughts racing in your head! I understand cause I have bad anxiety! So tell yourself "nothing can hold me back! I can do this!" Because you can do this! -rachel
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