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Hi, I'm 18 years old and have recently been diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia in my right hip. Im scheduled surgery at the end of August and am extremely nervous about the procedure. Anticipating university in September I'm eager to make my recovery time as quick as possible.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice with recovery and knowledge of what condition I will be in after the surgery, how immobile I will be and any tips of overcoming these! Thanks, Molly

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Hi Molly, I recently had my PAO surgery for a mild case of hip Dysplasia at the beginning of July. My recovery is going very well. I was out of the hospital in three days. During those days I had nurses come in every couple hours to check all that medical stuff you are hooked up to(like pain meds) in my case I was able to start some physical therapy very early( that will consist of practicing walking with your crutches, getting in and out of bed, walking up and down stairs etc) I was released pretty early. I was given diagrams of several exercises to do while recovering at home. I recommend you limit how many times you go up and down stairs( if you will be living at school next year try requesting a first floor dorm stating your medical condition) the first few were tough but I got though it with activities to keep me busy. 4-5 weeks after my surgery was done I went in for a follow up. I now am allowed to put full weight on that leg and when comfortable I can go down to one crutch. I must say that there isn't really many things that will speed up the recovery. Taking care of your body and following your surgeons instructions are the best things to help the recovery process! I hope this answers some of your concerns! If you need some more answered I would gladly try to answer them all! Good luck with your surgery! -rachel
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