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I might be needing a cortisone injection due pain in my tendom after my THR two years ago. Has anyone had one of these who could tell me a bit about their experience?

Rosie x

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Hey Rosie,

How are you doing lovely? I have and Ruqayyah definitely has. 

When are they thinking of doing it? I had mine under a general, so Ruqayyah may be better to ask. 



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I'm okay, just finished my first year at uni in London but all the walking has made my hip flare up. 

I'm having it done under a general tomorrow morning.

If you see this before then (which I doubt you will) could you tell me a little about what to expect? With it all being so rushed as I'm off travelling soon, I haven't even had a chance to talk to my consultant about it in person so I know very little about what's going to happen!


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Hiya Rozey. 

Sorry I didn't see this until you after you've had it. However yes I had have had lots of steroid injections in several areas of my hip post THR. 

Which area are they planning on injecting in? I hope it has gone well. Let us know how it has gone. 

Ruqayyah xx


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I also had a cortisone injection for my right hip, which has been causing much discomfort post-PAO.

A word of caution: cortisone injections can degenerate cartlidge. Most of the time, they are used to diagnose the exact cause of your pain, so they have very little degenerative effect. 

Heal well!

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