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Hi all, I'm getting really fed up as my consultant has now referred me to a hip specialist because he has run out of ideas of ways to help me without surgery when clearly the answer is surgery is the only solution but because I'm only 32 they are refusing to do it, I'm now struggling to walk and climb stairs, I just wish one of them will help me as the pain is getting worse and I can't cope with it :(
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Try the Mcminn centre
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Hey Lisa..I'm in a very similar situation. I have had problems with my left hip for the past 2 years. After numerous Scans and steroid injections I had an itb release and arthroscopy in March. This has proved unsuccessful so now back to square one..I'm having more scans and being referred down to a specialist at Guys hospital. not good!! Also painkillers are making me pretty Ill...x

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Hi Lisa, I am also in a similar predicament myself. I have had arthroscopy on my left hip which proved unsuccessful so I have had 2 further steroid injections which have also made little improvement. I am 24 years old and my consultant has said ultimately I need a THR and he has left it up to me to make the decision as I am the one in pain. I personally think that we should have quality of life now whilst we are young. If it is what you want too I would definitely seek a second opinion and see if anyone else can sort something out for you as you sound like you are in a lot of pain, especially with it effecting your mobility. Hope you get something sorted....xx

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