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I'm due to have PAO with Mr Witt in London in early December. The main thing I'm worried about it my nerves on the day. Does anyone have any good tips? I have never had big surgery before... have you got any good tips for preparation and recovery? Thanks lots :) Becca


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Hey Becca,

Aww, firstly Good Luck for your surgery!

Don't worry about the nerves- just think after all this you will be painfree soon hopefully. Think about a positive experience that you have had eg i met my idol before surgery and clung onto that thought and how i wanted to let them know how i was afterwards etc.

Recovery takes time so most of all be patient!




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Hello Becca,

Don't be too concerned. The surgeons and other doctors know what they're doing to ensure that you have a safe operation. Just relax and go to your happy place. 

As for the recovery, do what they doctor orders you to do and go nice and slow. If you have any major concerns, don't be too shy to call your doctor and ask them. :)

Good Luck with your surgery! You'll be fine :)

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Good luck with your surgery it is nerve racking just have to think it will be worth it in the end xx
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Hi Becca,
Hope your PAO went well. Look forward to hearing about your recovery!


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