Teenage and Young adult Hip Dysplasia and Impingement.

the team!:-)

We are constantly asked about our team, so here you go!

We are a fairly large team therefore it would be impossible to mention everyone on this page, however here are the 7 main Team Members! 

Hannah- HappyHip's Founder=Full Time, Voluntary

This is Hannah. Hannah is the Founder of HappyHips. She Founded HappyHips in 2010 when she was really struggling to cope with the challenges of having Hip Dyplasia as a Teen and she was also facing a Total Hip Replacement. She works tirelessly to keep HappyHips running smoothly and tries to keep everyone happy as much as possible all of the time. Hannah is currently also balancing her work at HappyHips with her Degree Studies at University but every spare moment is dedicated to HappyHips. We are always shocked by her speedy responses, as she has now set up her phone to receive HappyHip updates as well.

Ruqayyah- Assistant Manager=Full Time, Voluntary


This is Ruqayyah and she is our Chief Moderator. Ruqayyah helped Hannah (above) to set up HappyHips in 2010 and has been there eversince. Ruqayyah is a wonderful member of the HappyHips Team who also suffers from Hip Dysplasia herself and had a Hip Replacement as a Teen. She has battled with the challenges Hip Dysplasia causes amazingly well and loves being able to support others by sharing her own experiences. When Hannah is absent in meetings or on Annual Leave Ruqayyah is left in charge and runs everything perfectly. She can always be relied upon. She too is studying for her degree at University and spends a large proportion of her spare time completing HappyHips work. 

Amiiee- Admin Assistant= Full Time, Voluntary

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This is Amiie and she is our Admin Assitant. Amiiee is in charge of all admin tasks including creating Newsletters and dispatching them, responding to general enquiries and members emails etc. Amiie herself also has Hip Dyplasia as a Teen and is dedicated to raising awareness of Hip Dyplasia to others as well as supporting everyone along the way. Amiie joined our team in Feburary 2013 and has been an asset to the team already despite facing several medical challenges already. 

Sum Sze- Media and Marketing Manager= Full Time, Voluntary

This is Sum Sze and she is our Media and Marketing Manager. Sum Sze joined the team in March 2013 and has already made a great impression. She does not suffer form any Hip Condition herself, however she is extremely supportive and very good and talking to people in need of a little support. Sum Sze's main responsabilities include the runnig of all of our social Media pages as well as our new YouTube Channel etc. Sum Sze is also studying with Hannah for her degree at University. 

Admin Assistant- Full Time- Voluntary

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Events and Fundraising Co-Ordinator= Part Time, Voluntary

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One Hip World Team

One Hip World (OHW) is an organisation that aims to build a community for the world of people with Hip Dysplasia, by encouraging a kind, loving and supportive atmosphere that strengthens others in their fight, and to make the world of Hip Dysplasia just a little bit `smaller'. At the same time they aim to empower those affected by Hip Dysplasia by helping them control the overwhelming feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and frustration. All of this is achieved while simultaneously raising astonishing amounts of money for IHDI. Togethwe we will, Together we can!!!

We are now thrilled to announce that HappyHips has joined forces with OHW and from now on will be their ‘Teenage and Young Adult Hip Advocate’. This is a great privilege to be given and all of the HappyHips Team are extremely excited to be working with such an amazing community. We can't wait to see what the future brings us all, as one big team.